Friday, November 25, 2016

JSON based Site Template – Frist Release

I’ve published the SharePoint App in GitHub recently. The app needs to be installed at site collection level (root web). The app uses the following two types of templates:

  • Site Template – used to create new site.
  • Feature Template – used in existing sites to apply new features.

When the app will be launched, user will be provided a tree view of the site collection and option to create a new site under the selected site or apply a feature template to existing site.


Image 1: Home Page


Site Template

When user will select ‘create sub-site’ from home page teh following form will be provide to user:


Image 2: Create Sub-site page


Once user provides subsite details and click ‘create site’ the following progress screen will be showing:


Image 3: Creating site progress


Feature Template

The app comes with few feature templates built-in. As shown in the following image, all available templates will be shown in the screen:


Image 4: Feature Template Page




Feel free to use the source from GitHub and let me you know if you  have any suggestions or issues.