Thursday, June 26, 2008

SharePoint and SQL Server Embedded Edition

After installing SharePoint in my VPC I had found that the SharePoint is using SQL Server 2005 Embedded Edition. But I want SharePoint to use and Named instance of SQL Server Enterprise Edition. So I need to uninstall the Embedded edition and I have found a solution here.

In brief the command to uninstall SQL Server Embeddeed Edition use the following command

(on 32-bit platforms)
msiexec /x {CEB5780F-1A70-44A9-850F-DE6C4F6AA8FB} callerid=ocsetup.exe
(on 64-bit platforms)
msiexec /x {BDD79957-5801-4A2D-B09E-852E7FA64D01} callerid=ocsetup.exe

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