Monday, August 18, 2008

Thousand separator in SharePoint field item

I have a list with field ActivityYear of number type. When user put an number in this field and view the number in a list view then it shows with thousand separator. For example if user put 2008 then in the view of the list it shows as 2,008. we can create a calculated column with formula =TEXT(value,fromula) function. So all I did I put the formula for the calculated field as =Text(ActivityYear,"0000")


  1. My current project requires ability to display choice column value via color or image associated with a choice

    But Sharepoint standard packaged misses that control

    I am looking for available solutions on market

    I came across

    Does anybody has experiece using it?

  2. If you really need the image/color option in dropdown then another option might be to develop custom webpart for the pages where u need the image/color functionality. In that webpart, you can implement the functionality. However, whether u'll use the built-in control (like in the link u provided) or develop custom webpart, depends on the situation u r in.


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